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Invite your friends to become a Shippr carrier !

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You already collaborate with Shippr as carrier? Invite your friends to join our community and win 35€ for each new member you sponsor! Good news, your friend will also receive a 35€ welcome !

As a sponsor :

  • Fill in the "Become a carrier" form;
  • Share your code to all your friends;
  • Encourage your friends to join us on shippr.be/en/become-a-carrier
  • Enjoy your 35€ !*
  • * The 35€ will be paid to the sponsor once 15 deliveries are made by the sponsored carrier.

As a sponsee :

  • Sign in as carrier using the "Become a carrier" form;
  • Enter the code you received from your sponsor in the form;
  • Become an active member of the community;
  • Enjoy your 35€!*
  • * The 35€ will be paid to the sponsored carrier once 15 deliveries have been made with Shippr.

Want to sponsor one of your friend to join the Shippr community?

You are already part of the Shippr community?
Win 35€ by referring a friend. Send us all your details via the form below and we will send you your referral code whithin 24 hours.